Shipping Delay

Due to expected inclement weather, shipped orders will be delayed between Jan 17, 2022 until Jan 20, 2022. 
Thank You for understanding. 

13th Jan 2022
Removal of PayPal

Today 8-14-2021 we have completed the phase out process of PayPal.

Effective today we will no longer accept PayPal due to their increasing fees, and failure to report payments properly.

All customers who were previously using PayPal need to update their payment methods to one of the remaining available options.


Thank You

14th Aug 2021
SMS Two Factor Authentication

Our SMS System is back to fully operational. SMS Messages are being sent from our 800 number (800-511-1583)

Optionally you can now enable SMS Two Factor Authentication for your account at


15th Jun 2020
Temporary ending SMS Support

Soon, Our SMS alerts will stop working as we are ending support for our current provider. Our developers are already working on a new module that will send messages from our dedicated 800 number, rather than from a random number each time. For a short time you may not receive ANY text message from us until the new system is live. We will announce ... Читать далі »

8th May 2020
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